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Third Party Profit Source Modern Logistics Industry Has Become the Top Priority of Economic Development


With the accelerated pace of global economic integration, modern logistics, known as the "third party profit source", has become the top priority of national economic development. In the face of the urgent requirements for the development of modern logistics industry and a good opportunity for the country to increase investment in railway construction, how to rely on the existing resources of railway freight transportation to accelerate its transformation to modern logistics is an objective need for the construction of China's comprehensive transportation and logistics system and the reform and development of railway freight transportation, and is also a strategic choice to enhance the competitiveness of the logistics industry, cultivate new economic growth points, and is also an important strategic measure to build a harmonious railway.

On the morning of April 18th to 19th, China Railway Corporation held a on-site meeting on the construction of modern railway logistics in Shenyang. The entire railway needs to further emancipate its mind, strengthen confidence, and take effective measures to accelerate the transformation and development of railways into modern logistics enterprises, innovate railway development methods and business models, and give play to the backbone role of railways in the comprehensive transportation system.

With the economic globalization and the widespread use of e-commerce, the modern logistics industry has rapidly grown into the world's most promising and promising new service industry. As a service enterprise, in order to seek faster and better development, railways must keep pace with the times, reform and innovate, comply with changes in the laws of market economy, and play a good role in the development boom of economic globalization, transforming and developing towards modern logistics.

Modern logistics and railway freight have a business inheritance. The main functions of modern logistics services are warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, distribution, and processing, but the two most important functional links are transportation and warehousing. The traditional transportation industry mainly focuses on transportation, and has preliminary storage, handling, handling, and certain distribution capabilities. Railway can be said to be the largest and traditional professional transportation enterprise in China. This inheritance of business functions makes the entry threshold for the transformation of railway freight to modern logistics relatively low, and the risks are relatively small.

With the development of social economy, customers' single transportation needs have gradually shifted to value-added services of modern logistics. Traditional transportation services have been difficult to meet the current market demand. When consigning goods, customers often hope to obtain more additional services such as door-to-door pickup, cargo packaging, cargo status tracking and inquiry.

According to customer requirements, in-depth understanding of the entire production or commercial process of the customer as a whole, and careful analysis and design of each link therein, providing customers with logistics system design, selecting and evaluating transporters and warehouses, as well as analyzing and comparing different merchants in the customer's logistics supply chain, such as agents, suppliers, wholesalers, or logistics service providers, Choose a more suitable partner for customers. Providing business consulting and decision support services such as logistics solutions is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of modern logistics enterprises.
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