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Another inland port opens a Russian route


     In the afternoon of June 17, the Chinese cargo ship "Changyue 1" successfully completed the loading operation in Wuhu Port, and after going through the exit procedures, it slowly left the wharf and headed for the port of Vladivostok (Vladivostok), Russia, marking the success of the first voyage of the "Wuhu Russia" container foreign trade route.
It is understood that the direct shipping business of Wuhu Port mainly focuses on bulk cargo, and export containers are mostly transported along the river to coastal ports for transfer. The transportation cycle is long, and the transfer cost is high. In recent years, the offshore foreign trade business of Wuhu, Hefei, and surrounding enterprises has continued to grow, posing challenges to water transportation services.
Anhui Port and Channel Group adheres to the integration of ports and cities, responds to market demand in a timely manner, strives to build a transportation service platform, coordinates resources from all parties to open direct shipping routes for foreign trade container exports, fully leverages the core advantages of water transportation transit in Wuhu Port National Logistics Hub, and arranges dedicated personnel to coordinate border inspection, customs and other port units, assist shipping companies in customs and outbound cargo arrival declaration, handle border inspection and exit procedures, and ensure fast loading and unloading of cargo ships, Set sail as soon as possible.
The opening of the first direct shipping route for foreign trade container exports at Wuhu Port not only helps enterprises reduce operating costs, but also significantly improves transportation efficiency, building a low-cost and efficient sea passage for customers in the economic hinterland of Anhui.
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