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How to Speed Up the Application of E-commerce in Chinese Port Logistics


How to speed up China's port logistics? By setting relevant indicators for the application of port logistics e-commerce, the author compares the competitiveness of major ports at home and abroad, comprehensively evaluates the level of port logistics e-commerce promoting port speed up development, and provides a basis for formulating the development and operation strategy of logistics ports. The application of e-commerce in port logistics is increasing, and various advanced technologies, such as barcode technology, automatic identification technology, automatic sorting technology, satellite positioning technology, automatic warehouse, electronic container identification technology, logistics simulation technology, and auxiliary decision-making technology, will be widely applied in the field of port logistics, transforming port logistics from traditional labor-intensive to technology-intensive, Gradually realize the transformation from "traditional port" to "e-commerce port", realize the e-commerce of logistics operation mode, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of port logistics through e-commerce of logistics equipment.

Port logistics must be established on the basis of the port logistics e-commerce platform, forming a high-speed "e-commerce supply chain" extending in all directions, improving the collection, processing, and service capabilities of logistics e-commerce, and shortening the exchange and operation time of logistics e-commerce; Vigorously develop e-commerce, providing online services such as electronic booking, online customs declaration, inspection, license application, settlement, tax payment (refund), and virtual banking; Relying on the "e-commerce chain" to build an "e-commerce port" that covers the world and expand the hinterland of the port: Through the "e-commerce chain", any link in the e-commerce chain of port logistics can achieve resource and information sharing, thereby achieving the goal of optimizing the overall function of logistics e-commerce services.

Port logistics e-commerce is the third important source of profit for enterprises in addition to reducing material consumption and improving labor productivity. Economists call it "uncultivated black land.". Reclaiming this "black land", as the main port of land and water transportation hub, has unique comprehensive advantages: First, the port is a land and water transportation hub, located at the intersection of domestic and foreign markets. A port is always the gathering point for the largest amount of goods in the entire transportation chain. Secondly, ports are the best combination of production factors.
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